SCORE808 - Sports Link Aggregator

What is Score808 ?

Its a website where sports fans can follow their favourite sports, teams and athletes with live match feeds. Unlike other streaming portals at score808 you will not find direct live streaming links instead its a platform where all the live links for a cetain match are collected and posted a thread format. Information regading tv channel, language, commentary, number of ads are listed in front of each link making sure users can find their desired coverage for every major sports event competition.

What kind of sports competitions are coverage at score808 ?

All major sports like football, Formula 1, Boxing, Cricket, NFL, NBA, MMA are coverage. The big events like Champions Leauge etc have more links then compared to Dutch football league match. Same way Formula 1 has more linsk compared to other motorsports event like MotoGP and Nascar etc. Apart from football you will find links for major tournament from other sports like Grand Slams in tennis, SuperBowl in NFL, Cricket world cup and IPL from cricket.

Is Cricket coverage at Score808 ?

No. Most of the cricket series played around the world do not have links thread at score808. However if you are still interested in getting cricker you might want to see dedicated pages of channels on the website.

How many links are there for each match on Score808 ?

It depends on the level of competitions. For example for UEFA Champions League knockout matches you will find over 100+ working links while for other league competitions in football there will be less but the best ones are listed at the top so you dont lose out on the quality.